What the frack?! Evidence of drinking water contamination at last

At last, residents of Wyoming can move forward knowing that their angel-in-disguise Dominic DiGiulio, a retired EPA scientist, has found the evidence they need to prove drinking water contamination by fracking. Read about DiGiulio and the Wyoming case over at The Canary.

GE animals vs. GE plants

Why aren’t GE animals making it to our plate? See my article about the opinion piece recently published in PNAS over at The Canary!

Are honey bees being stung by Neonicotinoids?

Honey: An immune system booster, an athlete’s best friend, and a sweet treat with a thousand different uses. It’s difficult to imagine a world without this sticky nectar. However, since 2006 honey bees have been shown to be dying off in the thousands. This rapid decline is being blamed on — in part at least…

Extreme storms – Are they due to climate change?

This winter, the UK has so far been hit by no less than 11 named storms, including the highly destructive storms, Desmond, Eva, Imogen and Katie. 2015 was a record breaking year in terms of high-impact weather; Is this a sign of things to come? Storm Desmond landed in Cumbria in early December, Eva battered…