Editing Rates

I have provided typical rates for various levels of editing in the table below. Please email me with the first few pages of your document at KLsciencewriting@gmail.com to obtain a free quote. That way I can determine which level of edit is the most appropriate and provide an estimated turnaround time.

Type of edit
Typical pages per hour
Proofreading 9–13 ms pgs/hr $35/hr
Basic copy editing 5-10 ms pgs/hr $50/hr
Heavy copy editing 2-5 ms pgs/hr $60/hr
Substantive or stylistic editing 1-6 ms pgs/hr $70-100/hr

All writing work and other forms of editing and consulting are quoted on a case by case basis, however, typical costs are $50 – $100 per hour, which works out to approximately $0.50 – $1.00 per word.

I’m happy to provide a written quote for your project, once the full scope of work has been determined. Write to me at KLsciencewriting@gmail.com for more information!